Our Learning Strategies

We employ systematic approaches in teaching our students. Our learning strategies involve real life practicals in our various labs with professional experts. We try to create a true learning atmosphere where students are not maginalized. We understand the varieties in individuals understanding and therefore attend to every question from every students. When learning seems to proof tough, we try to simplify it with real-world related example coupled with practical assessment.

Our Professional Certification Programs

We offer professional certification programs on software design/development, electronic gardget manufacturing, dynamic & responsive website design/development. We are experts on the areas of web services, solar system design and installation, pure sine wave inverter design, manufacturing of programable electronic devices, manufacturing of digital devices such as digital 3-phase automatic changeovers systems, digital water meter with pump controller etc.

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Professional certification programs are on going

March 23rd, 2018. KIS Technologies Admin

In KIS Technologies, professional certification programs are on going in the field of software design/development, computer engineering and electronic engineering enrol now (...)

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Industrial Training Opportunities Now Abound For I.T Students

March 23rd, 2018, KIS Technologies Admin

I.T Placement opprtunities now exist for the Industrial Training Students of Nigerian higher institutions. We offer professional training opportunities for the computer science students, computer engineering students, electrical/electronic engineering students, Mechanical (...)

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Our Practical Seminar Timetable

Feb - March

1st - 28th.

Real life practical seminar on the design and packaging of electronic devices. This seminar involves training of students on how to design and package electronic devices such as automatic security light controller, streetlight controller, automated handset controllable device, automatic car battery chargers with charge controller, audio power amplifier system, portable inverter. etc.

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April - May

1st - 30th

Second Phase of our real life practical seminar. This Phase involves training of students on how to program electronic devices using computer system. Here, students will learn how to design digital devices such as digital water level meter, digital didplay system using dot-matrix technology, digital sign-board usin LCD, digital notice board using LCD & dot-matrix technologies. etc.

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May - June

1st - 30th

The Third Phase of our practical seminar. This phase of the seminar involves teaching students how to design solar system. In this seminar, students will learn how to design solar power grid capable of powering/supplying any amount of electrical load. Our experts will guide the students on how to install solar electricity in various ways, etc.

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July - August

1st - 30th

Real life practical on how to design/develope a website. This seminar involves teaching students how to develope a standard website. Here, we teach students with life preview system using HD projector. All our training include real practical as we pick a prototype and ensure to implement it before our students.

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