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KIS is simply an acronym for Kingsoftng ICT Solutions LTD. The company is called KIS-Technologies because of its involvement in diverse areas of technological development ranging from Information Technology to powerful Electronic Development Technology.

KIS-Technologies is involved in the development of various kinds of business/enterprise software management solutions. KIS-Technologies also specializes in the design and installation of electronic power devices such as inverter, Solar electricity, UPS systems, Stabilizer, etc.

Yes KIS-Technologies are experts in the area of web design/development

KIS-Technologies is a multi-expert company that specialise both in ICT and electronic design. The company integrates electronic power technology with computer aided services to facilitate the field of ICT.

Yes KIS-Technologies offer professional training in both ICT and electronic/solar design and installation.

We are happy to announce our success in various areas of technologies. We have successfully handled various designs in the field of solar electricity such as solar borehole, solar car park, solar roof, & other electronic design like: automatic water pump controller with borehole level/overhead tank level meter, inverter of various kinds and power sizes, automatic digital 3-phase changeover systems, powerful DJ supper-bass amplifiers etc.
comming to the area of web design/development, this site can speak about our expertise in the area of web design/development as well as software technologies at large.
Our training spans accross all ICT and electronic design fields. one who has passion for computer aided technologies can enroll in software programming using Object-Oriented-Programming (OOP) methodology, Website design/development, Networking, IP camera installation etc. For those passionate about electronic design/installation, you can engage in the training of how to design inverter, solar electricity, digital devices using programmable electronics, audio system design etc.
Yes we often conduct free practical seminar training on how to design software and electronics.
Depending on what the project is all about, we can assure clients that whatever project that seems feasible within our areas of expertise can be handled professionally.
We are at No.12, Edinburgh Road, Ogui New Layout Enugu, Enugu Nigeria. You can also call us on +2348065790623.
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