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Solar System Design & Installation

Due to the on going predicaments in power failure in serveral developing countries of the world today, many companies, schools, hospitals, hotels, churches homes etc. have encountered diverse losses resulting from sudden power outage. Power failure is a huge problem to human comfort howerver, the solution to resolve this predicament remains renewable energy source (i.e. eneregy that can be recycled on daily basis). We have over 9 years professional experience in the field of solar energy design and installation. And with a well designed and installed solar energy system, power failure becomes a resolved issue.

Training is one area of life that remain endless and skills are the reward of attaining a well guided training. If you want to secure a reputable job and work in reputable organization(s), then you must be prepared to solve world class/standard problems. Whenever you secure a job, your expectation is to be well paid right? If yes, then what of that of your employer? I think you should know already but if you don't, It is simply your value. No employers pays because of physical appearance but because of what you offer or contributed to the economic improvement of the company. Anytime you receive your wage or salary, it's simply a dividend of your worth and contibuted effor towards lifting the company higher financially.

Since Training is one area of life that remain endless and skills are the reward of attaining a well guided training, we offer professional training on solar system design and installation.

Now, The Question is can you solve problems that would yield the dividend of your dream salary? If not, then you need training and skill acquisition to be able. Join one of our training classes and you will be prepared for your dreams.

Our areas of Training in both ICT and Electronics are as follows:
  • Web Design/Web Development
  • Software programming/Devlopment.
  • Networking
  • CCTV Installation
  • Java Programming.
  • Inverter Design & Maintenance
  • Design of Digital electronic systems
  • Solar System Design & Installation
  • Automatic car/Inverter battery charger
  • Automatic Streetlight systems
  • Digital 3-Phase Changeover System
  • Digital Sumo Pump Controller & Water meter etc.

What employability programme is best suitable? Well this is a compound question as the answer really depends on what one likes doing most. Don't choose a course because a friend does or is doing it; but because you have a passion for such.

Problem solving is one of the enjoying area of endeavours. And success is the reward of skills. When a problem is solved through a systematic skill(s), it draws more attention to the professional.

Learning Strategies

If you want to join the scholars of distinction, then here are the secrete guides to becomming one. Make sure you follow the steeps below and you are there!

  • Aim high - think big, dream big!
  • Believe you can achieve your dreams.
  • Concentrate on what matters most now - your studies.
  • Prepare a personal timetable and be detremined to follow through.
  • Devote extra time to challenging subjects.
  • Evaluate yourself regularly.

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